Saturday, October 1, 2011

If your rice gets gummy............

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Rice grainsImage via Wikipedia I found the following tip in the September issue of Cooking Light. (great magazine) and just had to share it..  I never woulda thunk it but I tried the following and it really works well.

"When rice is cooked in the traditional way.....simmering in a lidded pot...the close-packed grains rub together and release starch, often leading to the dreaded sticky rice.  The solution is ratio-free ( no 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water).

Use more water.  Lots more, so you cook the rice like pasta until it reaches the proper consistency, then drain.  The pasta method keeps the rice from rubbing together too much as it cooks; draining ensures it won't suck up more water than it needs.

Check brown rice for doneness at around 25 minutes.
For white rice, which absorbs water more readily, try sauteing the grains before boiling, for about two minutes in a tablespoon of oil.  Then add roughly four times as much cold water as rice to the pan, and boil.  Check for doneness at around 15 minutes (timing starts when water boils)."

Hope this helps your rice cooking, and thanks to Cooking Light for the information.

The Old Guy
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