Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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Box of TwinkiesBox of Twinkies (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Strawberry Twinkies Dessert

14 Hostess Twinkies
2 packages strawberry gelatin
2 cups boiling water
2 packages instant vanilla pudding
1 cup cold milk
1 small container Cool Whip, thawed
1 pint fresh strawberries, cleaned, hulled, and chopped

Place 14 Twinkies in a 9-inch x 13-inch x 2-inch pan. Dissolve the strawberry gelatin in the boiling water and stir until dissolved. Pour over the Twinkies. Sprinkle on some chopped strawberries reserving some for garnish. Mix the milk with the pudding. The mixture will be thick. Carefully spread the pudding over the Twinkies. Spread the Cool Whip over the pudding and garnish with remaining strawberries. Cover and place in refrigerator over night. When ready to serve, cut into serving size pieces. Refrigerate left overs (if there are any).

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