Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baked Beef Brisket

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A pan of beef brisket, just out of the oven.Image via WikipediaRosh Hashanah begins at sundown September 8th this year.  First day services are on the 9th.
I am sorry to admit that I am a High Holiday Jew, just as some Christians are Easter or Chistmas Christians. I go when I can. But I go on the high holy days.  I don't risk not being included in the "Book of Life" on Yom Kippur which follows on the 8th of September..  I do oberserve the anniversary of both my parents dealth by lighting a yahrzeit light or candle.  They burn for 24 hours to honor the deseased person. This is a special year for me as I have purchased for them in their honor. 2 bronze plates with their names on them to go on the Yahrzeit Board on the wall of the Temple,  along side some of our other family members. Thus accomplishing for me a promise I made to my dad.  That I would be his Yahrzeit.  I did it Dad!

And I beleive that being in a synagogue doesn't make you jewish any more then standing in a garage makes you a car.  It's what's in your heart! That said, here's my sister-in-law Linda's (she should rest in peace) recipe for beef brisket as taught to her and me by my mom. My Hungarian mom.
The best cook in the family as attested to by her sister-in-laws.
The OldGuy (I'm only 70)

Baked Breef Brisket
1 4-5 pound fresh beef brisket (not a corned beef Brisket0
4 or 5 roughly diced potatoes, peeled
Lawry;s Seasoning Salt
Garlic powder or granuals
Sweet Hungarian Paprika
1-envelope Lipton dry onion soup mix
2 cup beef broth (I like Swanson's)
4 or 5 peeled and chucked up carrots
3 or 4 stalks of celery
1 fresh sliced onion

Rub the brisket with a well sprinkled amount of the Lawry's, garlic salt or granulas, paprika on both sides and rub it in.  Place the brisket in the pan, resting on the celery ribs, onion and carrots fat side up.  Sprinkle with dry onion soup mix. surround with beef broth to cover half of the brisket.  Cover with foil and bake about 2 hours at 300 degrees. Then add potatoes chunks and some sliced carrot.  Cook 1 or more hours until potatoes, carrots and brisket is tender.  Let cool. Slice ACROSS the grain. after disguarding "fat cap".

Stain the juices and thicken if desired using a four slurrey.

If you don't want to use potatoes, use falfal ( roasted barley)

Happy 5771

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  1. I've never made brisket before (I've always wanted to) but when I do, I'll try your recipe. It looks so good!