Monday, August 2, 2010

Corn on the Cob

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Sweet Corn Season is here (at least in Michigan).  The only better time of year for produce is when the home grown tomatoes are ready.

Just a quick suggestion for cooking sweet corn on the cob.

Just throw the corn, husk, silk and all in the microwave after rinsing in coldwater.

Cook for 3:30 for 1 ear, 6 minutes or so, for 2 ears. When done, use a hot pad and towell or glove to clean. The husk and silk comes off easily. Butter and season if you prefer. (I prefer). Keeps all flavor and nutrients in the corn. Ever notice when you cook corn in water, the water turns yellow? That's the flavor and vitamins! If you still prefer to boil the corn, place in boiling water and add a little sugar, return to a boil, and it's done. Don't overcook or kernels will become tough.

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